Why Choose Lindie Mae

We will make this process as seamless and easy as possible! We buy nationwide performing, sub-performing, non-performing and re-performing commercial and residential real estate notes from banks, credit unions, equity funds, hedge funds, private sellers, and seller financed notes. Contact us today for a complimentary portfolio review!

Single Notes & Portfolios

Contact us today to review your single notes as our turnaround time is 24-48 hours. Please allow more time for a full portfolio review, as they are more comprehensive and therefore take a little more time for us to give you an accurate review.


Lindie Mae has been a mortgage acquisitions industry leader for over 25 years. We pride ourselves on our honest, loyal and trustworthy reputation and strive to bring you your best execution for all loan sales.

We Buy Nationwide

We purchase performing, sub-performing, non-performing and re-performing commercial and residential real estate notes.

-A portfolio of seasoned, long term, low coupon fixed rate loans can become an asset risk liability

-Sub-Prime loans that remain in pipelines or portfolios can become a risk liability

-We continue to purchase Performing, Sub-Performing and Non-Performing loans and REO assets

-We continue to purchase loans Servicing Retained or Servicing Released

-We continue to purchase Fixed Rate or Adjustable Rate Loans

-Agency and Non-Agency loans are acceptable as are ITIN loans

-We will take FHA, VA and USDA Loans that you need sold

-We continue to purchase Nationwide Residential or Commercial, SBA and Mobile Home Loans with or without land.

-These programs have purchased over $ 3 Billion Nationwide over the past 25+ years!

Our goal is to continue to provide an accurate assessment of value in today’s market and make it a painless process to sell loans to us. Accurate assessments of assets is a valuable tool to have in preparation for Regulator Visits, Board and Shareholder Meetings, Audits, Risk Management Assessment Meetings or your private lending family meeting.
Linda Tilley

Linda Tilley


Linda has been the President of Lindie Mae, Inc. since it's inception in July 1991. She received a B.S. from East Carolina University. From there, she enjoyed a successful career in real estate, then received her Series 7 and learned all she could about the secondary mortgage market, which led her to open Lindie Mae, Inc. and become a leader in the mortgage acquisitions marketplace.